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Keep up with the world changes,the best partner of worldwide communication and New energy industry.ZHONGXIAN INDUSTRIAL (SUNCOMM) is one of the leading manufacturers of mobile phone,Fixed wireless phone, Router,Switch,Wireless AP,CPE…communication power,energy storage power,and solar power system.

SUNCOMM operate the CDMA450Mhz terminal solutions accumulated over more than 10 years globally, and launch a series of solutions such as mobile phones, wireless routers, financial POS, and smart photovoltaic energy storage.  In the ten years from 2009 to 2019, it has ranked first in global shipments of CDMA450Mhz terminals.  Energy storage power supplies have been widely used in many countries around the world in areas such as emergency rescue, and will be integrated with artificial intelligence technology to create greater value.

Quality, service, speed, cost, flexibility are the core of our competitiveness.

execution(speed + accuracy + precision) is the core of our growth.

Business Partner:

2008 Viettel(Vietnam),EVN Telecom(Vietnam), MPT(Burma)

2009 Skylink(Russia),PTCL(Pakistan),NITEL(Nigeria)

2010 ZTE(China),Netlayers Telecom(Iraq)

2011 Gmobile(Mongolia),Uzmobile(Uzbekistan)

2012 Malitel(Mali)


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