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Facing the world and developing steadily, SUNCOMM currently has 6 major sales networks with business covering more than 66 countries and regions,  serving more than 1 billion people.

SUNCOMM operates the CDMA450Mhz terminal solutions accumulated over more than 16 years globally , and a series of other solutions that are applied in our product lines, including mobile phones, wireless routers, cordless telephones, antenna financial POS, smart photovoltaic energy storage and smart home.

In last 11 years (from 2009 to this year), our major product, CDMA450Mhz terminals ,has ranked first in global shipments. Our energy storage power supplies have been widely used in many countries around the world in areas such as emergency rescue, and will be integrated with artificial intelligence technology to create greater value.

Development course

Organization Structure

Quality, service, speed, cost, flexibility are the core of our competitiveness.

execution(speed + accuracy + precision) is the core of our growth.

Business Partner

OEM/ODM Service for more than50+ telecommunication operators

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