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How to install the fixed wireless phone?

How to install the fixed wireless phone?

Mar 16, 2021
A fixed wireless telephone is a telephone that can be inserted into a SIM card and can communicate without installing a telephone line. Like mobile phones, there is a charge for installing a SIM card. Of course, this also saves our traditional wired telephone payment procedures.

The wireless telephone generally includes this machine, a receiver, and a wire. There is also a small antenna. This antenna has the function of enhancing the signal. Some people say that it is the telephone line of the wireless telephone. The charger does not need to be introduced in detail, it is equivalent to a transformer, which plays a charging role, and the method of use is similar to that of a mobile phone.

How to install the fixed wireless phone

According to the survey, there are two ways to install wireless telephones, both of which are relatively simple and convenient.

1. Go to the mobile or telecommunications business hall to apply for opening. After the user buys a wireless phone, in addition to the supporting equipment, a SIM card is required at this time, which is equivalent to the SIN card of the mobile phone. Without this card, the phone will not work, which is equivalent to a mobile phone without a SIM card. When you go to the business hall, you can ask a salesperson to apply for the activation of this service. After activation, the telephone can be used after the assembly is completed.

2. If you have already installed a telephone line in your room, this situation is simpler. Connect the main unit of the wireless phone to the home telephone line, and then pair the main unit and the extension. After everything is debugged, it can be used. The telephone fee for this connection method is for the wired telephone, and there is no need to purchase a SIM card.
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