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4G high speed wireless router

  • 5G & FWA & CPE Relationship Sep 29,2022
    FWA (Fixed Wireless Access) will be the most grounded application of 5G technology. FWA services play a key role in enabling "connecting the unconnected". FWA is a low-cost, easy-to-deploy flexible broadband solution. Compared with wired access technology, FWA has always been an ideal choice for broadband deployment in many countries and regions because it does not need to obtain the right of way,...
  • What are the advantages of 5G CPE over ONU? Oct 14,2022
    ONU is a type of CPE. The difference between ONU and 5G CPE is that the former is connected to optical access network equipment, while 5G CPE is connected to 5G base stations. The current 5G CPE products all use the same or similar 5G chips as 5G mobile phones. They have strong 5G connectivity, support SA/NSA networking, and are compatible with 4G/5G signals. In terms of speed, 5G CPE is similar t...
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