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5G CPE Application Scope

5G CPE Application Scope

Aug 25, 2022
5G CPE is a type of 5G terminal equipment. It receives 5G signals from carriers' base stations and converts them into Wi-Fi or wired signals, allowing devices such as phones and computers to connect to the Internet.

1. 5G CPE will act as a smart home gateway

In addition to providing Internet access, the 5G CPE will also act as a smart home gateway in the future.

The demand for home routers has always been the focus of competition among many manufacturers, because the router itself brings profits, because it is the gateway to the entire home network service and the entry platform for digital home operations. 5G CPE serves the same purpose as a router. It will be the smart gateway for the unborn 5G family and the fulcrum of the whole family's smart life.

Through 5G CPE, users can control various smart devices in the home, and everything is connected, which significantly improves the life experience of family members.

2. 5G CPE has great potential for enterprise demand

In addition to consumer demand, 5G CPE has very broad operational prospects in terms of enterprise demand.

Take the smart factory as an example. In the future, all equipment and gears in a factory will be networked. 5G CPE can act as a unified traffic ingress and egress for all devices in a workshop, providing low-cost, high-speed network connections for these devices.

With the increase of application scenarios, 5G CPE will support more communication protocols other than 5G, such as Bluetooth, UWB, etc., and truly become the control center of all devices.

3. Pipe network monitoring

Urban heating monitoring, wireless monitoring of natural gas pipeline network, monitoring of urban water supply pipeline network.

5G CPE is very important for both home and business. With the full rollout of 5G network construction, 5G signal coverage is getting farther and farther. The demand for 5G CPE will continue to increase, and there will be more and more application scenarios surrounding 5G CPE.

SUNCOMM provides high-speed 5G CPE router, which is a 5G industrial host with high speed, large connection, wide coverage, low latency and high reliability. Support 5G, Ethernet, WiFi, wireless spread spectrum communication and other network access; Powerful real-time data edge computing capabilities, open system design, support for secondary development. It adopts the waterproof design of all industrial-grade casings such as chips, devices, and casing designs. The degree of protection of the waterproof housing is IP66. It supports ceiling, wall and pole mounting and can be adapted to various industrial sites and outdoor applications such as indoors.
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