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5G Wireless Router and Its Characteristics

5G Wireless Router and Its Characteristics

Dec 23, 2021
Now the frequency band used by the general 150M router is 2.4HZ, and 5G is 5HZ, which is generally known as the gigabit wireless router. In comparison, the 5G frequency band has the advantage of stronger anti-interference. The signal is more stable. The coverage is wider. The upper limit of the bottleneck of data transmission is higher.
5G CPE Wireless Router
5g wireless router features
1. Good anti-interference. Because the signal energy of the 5G frequency band is large, but the coverage is weak, that is, the coverage of a large room, the impact of penetrating the wall is great, which causes the interference between the mutual routers to be small, and the use of The frequency band is different from the existing 2.4G router signal, so the signal is very stable.

2. The transmission speed is fast. If the home is 100M broadband, after the router is turned on 5G, the mobile phone connection is tested with speed measurement software, excluding the network cable signal attenuation and wireless signal attenuation, the measured network speed can reach more than 10 megabits per second. The 2.4G signal I measured is 4~6M. Of course, it has something to do with the broadband at home. If the broadband is more than 200M, I believe that 5G speed will be faster, and the 2.4G signal has reached the peak.

3. There are requirements for receiving and transmitting equipment. For example, some old models of mobile phones and laptops do not support 5G wireless receiving devices. Even if the router is turned on 5G, you will not find its signal. You need to purchase a dedicated wireless network card.

Of course, 5g wireless routers are not without shortcomings. Its biggest problem is its poor ability to penetrate walls. The signal attenuation of the 5G signal behind the load-bearing wall is very obvious, because the penetration and diffraction capabilities of higher frequency electromagnetic waves are relatively weak.
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