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Advantages and application fields of 5G WiFi-6 smart router

Advantages and application fields of 5G WiFi-6 smart router

Dec 13, 2022
Compared with the previous generation, the sixth generation WiFi communication protocol (WiFi 6) has significantly improved in terms of communication rate, coverage, and user experience. Its functions include longer delay, stronger anti-interference, lower power consumption, and more access Quantity and other advantages. Therefore, not only has a leapfrog improvement been achieved in the wireless Internet connection experience for mass consumers, but for industrial IoT scenarios, with the help of WiFi 6 communication technology, it will also be able to develop more intelligent, information-based, Multi-terminal collaborative application.

WiFi 6 industrial routing gateway, designed for industrial IoT applications
The 5G WiFi-6 smart router gateway has been deeply optimized for real-time data collection, low-latency transmission, and multi-device centralized access in industrial IoT scenarios. It is equipped with a high-performance 5G communication module + WiFi 6 wireless module. The communication optimization algorithm gives full play to the advantages of 5G + WiFi 6 in high speed, low latency, and large bandwidth, helping the industry to efficiently move towards the era of intelligent IoT.

1. The advantage of large bandwidth of WiFi 6 routers: WiFi 6 is upgraded to support 160MHz, which achieves a "double" improvement compared to the previous generation, and adopts a higher-order modulation method, which supports a maximum of 1024QAM. By combining bandwidth and modulation methods Improve and realize the doubling of the communication rate.

2. Low-latency advantages of WiFi 6 routers: The sixth-generation WiFi communication protocol adopts OFDMA technology to increase the sub-channel utilization rate of each access terminal, improve overall communication efficiency, reduce communication delay, and provide better user experience.

3. WiFi 6 router wide access advantages: WiFi 6 further upgrades the MIMO technology of the previous generation, realizes bidirectional MIMO for uploading and downloading, supports up to 8 X 8 MIMO, achieves higher parallel performance, and allows more access All terminals can obtain a low-latency communication experience.

5G + WiFi 6 industrial routing gateway with wide application fields
1. Smart street light poles: Based on 5G + WiFi 6 smart gateways, street light poles are upgraded to smart city edge sensing tentacles, extensively linking and sensing municipal infrastructure, and establishing data exchange, action coordination and smart services.

2. Intelligent manufacturing: link the production and operation equipment in industrial parks and factories, provide reliable communication support for industrial automation, informatization, and intelligence, and move towards a new stage of intelligent manufacturing.

3. Smart life: Integrate smart communication into every scene of daily life, bringing a nuanced IoT life experience. The gateway can be applied to and establish smart bus stations, unmanned retail, smart buildings, smart transportation, service robots, etc.
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