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Advantages and Scenario Applications of 5G Industrial Wireless Routers

Advantages and Scenario Applications of 5G Industrial Wireless Routers

Aug 05, 2022
Entering the 5G era, smart vehicles, smart cities, smart transportation, and smart manufacturing will all become more operable, humanized, and intelligent. Behind all this, the development of wireless networks, including high-speed 5G CPE smart Wireless Router. The high-speed 5G CPE intelligent wireless router is a 5G industrial host with high speed, large connection, wide coverage, low latency and high reliability. Powerful real-time data edge computing capabilities, open system design, and support for secondary development. It adopts the waterproof design of all industrial-grade casings such as chips, devices, and casing designs. The degree of protection of the waterproof housing is IP66. It supports ceiling, wall and pole mounting and can be adapted to various industrial sites and outdoor applications such as indoors.
5G smart Wireless Router
SUNCOMM is widely used in smart factories, smart medical care, unmanned driving, smart cities and other fields, and supports 5G, Ethernet, WiFi, wireless spread spectrum communication and other network access.

Advantages in intelligent industry

1. Rich interfaces, providing a variety of network access capabilities

A device that supports 4 ports of Ethernet communication, 1 port of WAN communication, WIFI and WAN 5G/4G wireless communication functions, the device is loaded with security functions such as WAN communication VPN tunnel, WIFI LAN transmission security authentication, etc., to achieve wireless LAN and wireless WAN. Seamless links provide users with high-speed, safe and reliable mobile broadband services.

2. Full Netcom 5G network, stronger compatibility and wider coverage

The device integrates 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports, supports full Netcom 5G network access, and can be online on multiple networks at the same time. It has passed the operator's 5G network speed test. 5G network seamless switching, super WIFI coverage.

Support IPTABLE firewall, static and dynamic routing PP0EPPP, server and PPP, client, DHCP, server and DHCP client, DDNS, firewall, SNAT/DNAT, DMZ host, WEB configuration, support APN/VPDN.

3. High reliability design to ensure that the equipment is unattended for a long time in harsh environments

Adopt metal shell, shield electromagnetic interference, system protection grade IP41; with lightning protection design; system ultra-low temperature and ultra-high temperature design; especially suitable for use in harsh industrial environments. The system has a watchdog WDT protection, and a system monitoring protection SWP is loaded to ensure stable data transmission.

4. Secondary development, compatible with industry regulations

The equipment supports secondary development, users can develop private protocols according to their needs, and the equipment can be compatible with various industry regulations and standards, which is convenient for users to network application equipment according to specific project needs.

5. Support wired and wireless backup for each other

It supports the backup function of 5G/4G wireless link and broadband link. When wireless communication is impossible, it will automatically switch to PPPOE broadband network and adopt adaptive mode.
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