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Analysis of the characteristics and advantages of industrial routers

Analysis of the characteristics and advantages of industrial routers

Jun 30, 2022
Industrial routers are high-end communication devices that can withstand complex environments. They are widely used in high-end fields or outdoor engineering work, such as: financial ATMs, vending machines, electronic stop signs, smart street lights, charging pile monitoring, power monitoring, etc. It is widely used in various industries such as finance, electricity, water conservancy, environmental protection, and meteorology. We all know about the application of industrial routers, but many people do not know much about its advantages and characteristics. Let's analyze it below.

Features of industrial routers:

1. High stability and good weather resistance

The extremely wide temperature design of -30℃~+75℃ can withstand low temperature and high temperature, and can work in high temperature and severe cold environment with excellent stability.

2. Suitable for long-term operation

Industrial-grade routers are different from ordinary routers. Due to the needs of work, most of the time, the routers even need to run 24 hours a day, which puts forward higher requirements for the industrial design of routers.

3. Network security protection

Industrial routers are often applied to different industrial control sites, so they need to support more routing protocols, such as SNMP, policies, unified management protocols, etc., to ensure the safe operation of the network and to ensure that user data is not stolen.

4. Fully automatic wireless remote management

The industrial router works together with the device management platform to support centralized network management, batch configuration and upgrade functions of various devices. As a result, the implementation and management of large-scale projects becomes more convenient and efficient.

5. High forwarding performance and capacity

Industrial-grade routers can carry hundreds of terminals, and can connect many networks with different protocols at the same time, so that terminals between each different protocol network can access each other without hindrance.

Advantages of industrial routers:

1. Rich routing protocols, transmission security. A secure and stable network environment is also crucial for enterprises and projects. Traditional routers have limited functions in anti-virus, hacking, etc., while industrial-grade routers support TCP/IP, UDP, ICMP, etc., to ensure the security of data transmission and facilitate network layout.

2. Powerful data processing and transmission speed capabilities. Industrial-grade routers use high-performance CPU processors with powerful data processing capabilities, which can accommodate more people to surf the Internet at high speed and meet longer transmission distances and coverage.

3. Rich interface. The industrial-grade router not only supports 4G/5G to WIFI and wired functions, but also configures RS232/RS485 serial ports, supports Modbus protocol, MQTT, serial port to Ethernet transparent transmission, and can adapt to more application scenarios.

4. Industrial grade design, quality assurance. Metal shell, ESD electrostatic protection, anti-surge, anti-reverse power supply, watchdog design, stable work without crash.

5. Seamless network switching, super WIFI coverage. The industrial router supports seven network standards such as TD-LTE, FDD-LTE, TD-SCDMA; all networks can seamlessly switch various SIM cards compatible with operators; WIFI hotspot coverage meets various WIFI communication needs, and the network environment is self-searching. And automatically enable strong signal network.

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