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Analysis of the difference between portable energy storage power supply and other power supplies

Analysis of the difference between portable energy storage power supply and other power supplies

Jul 30, 2021
The battery is a great invention, especially the "lithium battery" we use today, no matter whether there will be more advanced batteries in the future, at least the current "lithium battery" makes our lives more colorful. Mobile phones, cameras, laptops, hand-held power tools, even cars, airplanes, etc. are inseparable from the portable energy storage power supply, car emergency starting power supply, mobile power supply, uninterruptible power supply, emergency power supply mentioned in this article. It is the five representative works of "battery" technology application. Because these five products have similarities in "battery" power storage and power supply, and because of the different application directions, the technology focuses on different ones, so they should not be confused.

1. Portable energy storage power supply is a new energy system built with environmentally friendly batteries. The portable energy storage power supply developed and produced by SUNCOMM is widely used in environmental protection, communication, fire protection, electric power, tourism, household energy storage and other fields. Solve the problem of outdoor electricity use, such as lighting, cooking, boiling water, making tea, computers, printers, telephone communications, and so on. Facilitate people's work and life! Because of its light weight, it can be easily carried at home and office to ensure normal life and work.

The biggest feature of "portable energy storage power supply" is that it can get rid of the limitation of "wires" and provide long-term power supply for various electrical appliances, such as alternating current and direct current, and it is light and portable. And portable power storage is an environmentally friendly and energy-saving product, which is a combination of solar power generation system and wind power generation system, safe and durable, with a service life of more than 10 years. Different from traditional energy storage, it is smart, powerful, innovative, safer, more durable, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly.

2. UPS uninterruptible power supply, this kind of power supply appeared earlier, and it was the first product among the five power supplies. It appeared with the rise of computers. The UPS power supply used lead-acid batteries at the time, and now there are also lithium battery products. The purpose of this product is to ensure that the computer can still supply power for a while when the computer is suddenly powered off. During this time, the data can be saved normally. The general battery life is about 20 minutes and the battery capacity is small. But it does not pursue lightness and portability; the computer usually uses the power grid, and the UPS power supply is activated when the power grid is cut off. The startup time is very short, in milliseconds (ms). The computer will not shut down when the computer is switched from the grid to the UPS uninterruptible power supply. Yes, it is guaranteed that data will not be lost.

3. EPS emergency power supply. EPS emergency power supply is also used when the power grid is suddenly cut off to continue powering key equipment. Most of them use lead-acid batteries. Nowadays, lithium battery products are also used. This kind of product is generally equipped in important places and buildings, and is generally a backup power supply for fire-fighting facilities; although generators are often used as backup power supplies for buildings, it takes time for the generator to start. The biggest advantage of using EPS emergency power is , The device will not shut down when the backup power is enabled. The EPS emergency power supply start-up time is also in milliseconds (ms), the power is generally large, and the battery capacity is also large. At least 40 minutes of use time for key building equipment must be guaranteed.

4. The car emergency start power supply, the car emergency start power supply, as the name suggests, is used for starting the ignition of the car. When the car's starting battery loses power, the car cannot ignite and the engine cannot be started. It is precisely because of this anxiety that the battery is losing power, that makes the car emergency start power fire. This kind of power supply used lead-acid batteries in the early days, and now most of them use high-rate lithium batteries. At the same time, it also integrates the functions of mobile power and power banks, and the battery capacity is not much.

5. Mobile power, mobile power is popular with the rise of touch screen mobile phones. Large-screen mobile phones are getting thinner and thinner, and the battery cannot be removed. Mobile power is popular. Basically, mobile phone users will buy mobile power. Mobile power supply is mainly a backup power supply for charging mobile phones, tablets and other handheld devices with low power consumption. It is mainly light and thin. The battery capacity is not large and the use has a certain limit. With the advancement of lithium battery technology, the charging speed Speed up, now mobile power is no longer a must-have for mobile phones.

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