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Are you ready for camping power bank

Are you ready for camping power bank

Jul 02, 2021

Camping was originally a niche preference of a small group of outdoor enthusiasts. Many novices just start camping and will encounter a lot of "small troubles". In addition to preparing various tents, tables and chairs, storage boxes and other equipment, if there is a demand for activities such as picnics, photography, performances, etc., you may also need to face the problem of water and electricity supply. If you don't make adequate preparations, the expected "nature close to nature" camping may become "survival in the wilderness."

So what is the current situation of the water and electricity supply in the campsite? Generally speaking, a mature campsite will provide the necessary infrastructure, such as water and toilets, but the electricity needs to be solved by itself. But in the camp, electricity will encounter many objective problems.

For example, some RV camps will have public water and electricity piles that provide 220V mains sockets. It sounds good, but the shortcomings are actually very obvious-the equipment is shared, the cable needs to be pulled, the sockets are limited, and you may need to queue for use during busy periods. Of course, if the electricity demand is not large, you only need to charge your mobile phone and camera, then you can bring a large-capacity camping power bank.

Portable Power Station camping power bank

But if your camping plan has other power needs, such as high-intensity photography, outdoor live broadcasting, outdoor picnics; or if you want to have more fun and play camping out of style, you need to decorate ambient lights at night, watch outdoor movies, and hold a small performance. Wait, you need to bring an outdoor power supply of about 500Wh to meet the electricity demand.

Too many devices and inconsistent interfaces can easily cause charging troubles. Different devices have to be equipped with different charging heads, which will affect storage efficiency. our outdoor power supply is a large-capacity energy storage product, which designed for self-driving and outdoor activists to solve the problem of Power usage when going out. It has a built-in high-capacity Li-Ion NMC lithium battery pack, lifecycle more than 3000 times, product life span could up to 5 years.

With high-performance battery BMS, support DC, AC adapter charge;

In an unexpected situation, you want to charge the outdoor power source, but you are afraid that the time is not enough to charge? Our Portable Power Station may also help you to solve the problem.

In your free time, take our small power station and go camping! Watch the mountains and the sea, enjoy the beautiful scenery, and experience a different happy life. You deserve to have such a trendy lifestyle!

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