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Better to know what is router

Better to know what is router

Dec 30, 2020
What is a router? Let's talk about the concept of a router first:

The router is a hardware device through which computers in the network can be connected to each other and messages can be exchanged. The router uses a routing protocol and is a device that runs in the third layer of the OSI model. The routing protocol allows it to communicate with other routers and share information with each other, so that it knows which is the fastest and most suitable route to send data.

Routers serve these many different purposes. The most common use of routers is to allow multiple computers to use the same Internet connection in a small home or office. In other words, the router acts as the receiver of the network connection and is responsible for distributing it to all devices connected to it.

Today, it is easy for us to obtain routers of different brands at relatively favorable prices. There are also some routers that use open source software, which can save more money. Routers are also divided into limited routers and wireless routers, and wireless routers can operate with fixed and mobile networks. Provide WiFi connection for different devices in homes, offices and even larger spaces.

Understand the main components of the router:
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