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Changes Brought To Enterprises By The Expansion Of 5G+Industrial Internet Scenarios

Changes Brought To Enterprises By The Expansion Of 5G+Industrial Internet Scenarios

Jun 17, 2022

There are more and more applications of 5G technology, and it can be seen in many industries. So when 5G is combined with industry, what changes will 5G + industry bring to enterprises? Let's find out together.

The first is to help companies reduce costs. 5G+ industry can help enterprises maximize human efficiency, and the realization of remote equipment and intelligent inspection has greatly improved human efficiency. In the mining field, 5G is used to realize unmanned mining truck driving and underground mining, which can effectively reduce the accident rate and save about 30 million yuan in costs for related enterprises every year.

Secondly, it can help enterprises to improve the quality. The 5G+8K surface inspection system is installed in related fields to realize intelligent visual quality inspection, intelligent inspection of equipment failures, etc., while changing the current sampling inspection mode, it realizes the full inspection of products and improves the yield rate, and improves the detection rate of steel defects by more than 90%. The defect recognition rate is over 85%.

Finally, it can improve production efficiency. 5G + artificial intelligence technology can realize equipment collaborative operation, intelligent logistics system, diagnose equipment failures, etc. to help enterprises optimize production processes and improve production efficiency. For the port field, 5G + artificial intelligence technology can automatically analyze container tally and the optimal path of logistics, which can improve the stowage efficiency by 15-20 times on average.

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