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Comprehensive analysis of 5G industrial VPN router functions

Comprehensive analysis of 5G industrial VPN router functions

Feb 10, 2022
5G industrial VPN router is to use 5G industrial router to realize the basic configuration of VPN. VPN technology was originally one of the important technologies of routers. It is also supported in software such as switches, firewall devices or WINDOWS2000. The core of VPN is to use the public network to establish a virtual private network.

   1. Classification of 5G Industrial VPN Routers

  The common classifications of 5G industrial VPN routers are PPTP, L2TP, and IPSEC. The most common one is the PPTP protocol. As mentioned earlier, most of the industrial routers on the market have the PPTP security protocol, that is, the point-to-point tunneling protocol. Allows remote users to securely access the corporate network by dialing into the ISP, directly connecting to the Internet or other networks.

   L2TP is an industry-standard VPN network transmission tunneling protocol. Its functions are roughly similar to the PPTP protocol. For example, it can also encrypt network data streams. The difference is that PPTP uses a single tunnel, and L2TP uses multiple tunnels; L2TP provides packet header compression and tunnel authentication, while PPTP does not.

   IPSEC security protocol is to provide active protection and prevent attacks through end-to-end security, which is the long-term direction of secure networking. In communication, only the sender and receiver are the only computers that understand IPSEC protection. The security service of IPSec requires the support of shared keys to complete authentication and confidentiality, and requires manual key input.

       2. VPN function of 5G industrial-grade routers

  The VPN function allows people to be in a complex public network without worrying about security issues. Of course, this is also the basic function of industrial VPN routers;

  It can solve the problem of using multiple devices to connect to the Internet at the same time and need to use the VPN function at any time. No more cumbersome operations after logging in and connecting each device, you can choose to use or not apply the VPN function as long as you switch a network to achieve the effect of instant use;

  Multiple connected devices are connected to the Internet, some need to use the local network, and some use the VPN network, so that they can be used in a staggered manner;

  5G industrial-grade VPN router can use one account to connect multiple terminals, no longer need to worry that VPN account will limit the number of connected terminals;

  Most of the industrial routers on the market already support the PPTP connection method in VPN, and the fool-like operation setting is no longer the patent of experts.

   VPN function is very popular in industrial, commercial and civil use, it can make network transmission more secure, professional and free.

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