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Enjoy More Benifits From Our High Speed Wireless Router

Enjoy More Benifits From Our High Speed Wireless Router

Jan 18, 2021

High speed wireless routers seem to be ubiquitous now. Whether we are working in a company, resting in a hotel, or visiting various shopping malls, we can always enjoy the wireless Internet experience that high-speed wireless routers bring us. It is also very important to choose a router that suits you, which can help us improve more efficiency, especially when used in office. So what are the characteristics of wireless routers?

The 4G LTE CPE router has a powerful signal with 4 antennas, which can access the Internet through the HSPA/LTE data SIM card.

4g router Internet access / PPPoE working mode, most network frequencies in Asia, Europe, Africa, Middle East and South America

High speed wireless routers
All you need to do is to insert the SIM card and use this portable device to enjoy WiFi with friends

300mbps wifi router can provide high speed for 32 users at the same time, so you have greater wireless fun without connecting to broadband network

4G LTE CPE provides 2.4GHz WFi hotspot, with strong signal and long-distance WiFi coverage, and is also suitable for external camera projects. Stream and share movies, music and photos with family and friends at the same time

300Mbps wired router 150Mbps 4G LTE LTE (Cat 4): DL150Mbps; UL50Mbps

If you are interested in TD-LTE 4G GSM wireless router, contact us immediately. Let us meet your requirements, call today.

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