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Features and trends of 5g routers

Features and trends of 5g routers

Jan 10, 2023

Now the general 150M router uses a frequency band of 2.4HZ, and 5G is 5HZ, which is generally known as a Gigabit wireless router. In comparison, the advantage of the 5G frequency band is that it is more resistant to interference. The signal is more stable. Coverage is wider. The upper limit of the bottleneck for data transfer is higher.

5g router features:
1. Good anti-interference
Because the signal energy in the 5G frequency band is large, but the coverage is weak, that is, the coverage of a large room has a great impact through the wall, which leads to little interference between routers, and the signal used with the existing 2.4G router Different frequency bands, so the signal is very stable.

2. Fast transmission speed
If you have a 100M broadband at home, after turning on 5G on the router, use the speed measurement software to test the connection of the mobile phone, excluding the attenuation of the network cable signal and the attenuation of the wireless signal, the measured network speed can reach more than 10 Mbps for downloading. And the 2.4G signal I measured is 4~6 trillion. Of course, it has something to do with the broadband at home. If the broadband is more than 200M, I believe that the 5G speed will be faster, and the 2.4G signal has already reached its peak.

3. There are requirements for receiving and transmitting equipment
For example, some old models of mobile phones and laptops do not support 5G wireless receiving equipment, so even if the router turns on 5G, you will not be able to find its signal, and you need to purchase a dedicated wireless network card.

Is a 5g router necessary?
First of all, the 5G WiFi of the router has nothing to do with the 4G/3G on our mobile phone, not an upgraded version of 4G. 5G WiFi is actually Wi-Fi using 802 and 11ac protocols, which is the fifth generation technology

For example: If you own a Ferrari supercar, you can only drive a maximum of 70 in the city, and you can drive up to 120 on the highway, but you can drive more than 300 in a racing track. But if you only have an ordinary bicycle, you can ride to 3 or 40 at most, and it doesn't matter what road you are on.

Your bandwidth is equivalent to the performance of the car, the greater the bandwidth, the faster the speed of the car. 2.4G WIFI is equivalent to urban roads, which are relatively crowded, and 5G WIFI is equivalent to highways, which can increase the upper limit. But no matter how good the road is, if the car doesn't work, it's useless. So if you use 1M broadband, even 5G WIFI is not as fast as 100M broadband with 2.4G WIFI.

5G Wi-Fi is born to avoid the problem of mutual interference, because this frequency is currently used less. At present, except for some flagship mobile phones, most low-end mobile phones only support 2.4G.

So to sum up, the 5G network is the general trend, and the demand for 5G routers will also be sought after by everyone as the trend is adjusted and changed.

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