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Features Of Wifi Wireless Router

Features Of Wifi Wireless Router

Dec 24, 2020

Today, with the rapid development of science and technology, whether it is communication technology or communication equipment is iteratively updated all the time, especially wireless routing. With the popularity of the Internet and the needs of people's daily life, there are more and more wireless routers on the market for us to choose and use.

Today, every wireless manufacturer has provided a new wireless router with gigabit LAN and WAN interfaces for its high-performance products. Now, among these gigabit wireless router products, which one is the best?

1. High-speed. To provide high speed data throughput - the wireless router should be powered with the latest wireless technology.

2. Clean wireless. 5 GHz is cleaner frequency band compared with 2.4 GHz band since wireless router which operates in 5 GHz frequency band is less noise / interference. So, the best router should support the 802.11a technology which operates in 5 GHz frequency band. The router should support the dual-band technology.

3. Further range. So far, the technology adopted for the wireless devices to deliver longer distance range is the MIMO (Multiple-in Multiple-out) technology combined with wireless N. Some manufacturers do not specifically specify the MIMO technology in their products but they adopt the technology into the products.

4. Secure. Mostly all new Wifi wireless routers today are powered with the latest security technology. Typically the router supports the multiple SSID for secure guest access. Guest access is ideal for your SOHO environment where you allow your business visitors access the internet without providing your private network resources.

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