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Fourth Industrial Revolution: 5g Will Be As Important As Water And Air

Fourth Industrial Revolution: 5g Will Be As Important As Water And Air

Sep 09, 2022
We have found that history is always strikingly similar. Human beings are never reconciled to the status quo, and are constantly seeking to connect with the world and all things. The breakthrough and evolution of communication technology may be the best proof. Compared with 4G networks, the upcoming 5G network will be at least 10 times faster and up to 100 times faster, while supporting at least 100 billion device connections and download speeds of up to 10GB per second. Entering the 5G era, the fifth-generation communication technology will provide the possibility of interconnection of all things. Many devices and carriers that seem to have nothing to do with the network in the 4G era will be connected to the Internet, jointly promoting a more efficient and interconnected society, including automobiles, Industrial IoT, enterprise computing, etc. The 5G Internet of Everything era, known as the "Fourth Industrial Revolution", is coming.

In the 5G era, what will the interconnected society look like? The International Telecommunication Union divides 5G into three main application scenarios, namely enhanced mobile broadband eMBB, large-connection IoT mMTC and low-latency high-reliability communication uRLLC.
1. Enhanced Mobile Broadband eMBB
Today's top sporting events occasionally see 5G experimental networks deploying enhanced mobile broadband eMBB, from vehicles to ensure communications on-site, to panoramic broadcasts, and multi-camera cameras capturing the movements of athletes. In the near future, they will all be connected more intelligently through 5G networks and applied to more events. In the venue, you can also experience virtual reality through VR, and the truly intrusive VR experience must rely on the high speed and low latency of 5G network.
2. Massive Internet of Things
The 5G network will realize the large-scale Internet of Things, and people and devices, and between devices and devices, will connect and interact with each other more efficiently. For example, future farms will adopt the concept of precision irrigation, realize data-based, networked, and intelligent monitoring of the growth process of each stage of crops and the status quo of the environment, and feedback data to farmers in real time. Through data calculation and analysis, thousands of plants can achieve personalized irrigation methods and obtain the optimal growth environment.
3. High reliability and low latency communication
The low-latency and high-reliability features of 5G networks will be vividly reflected in fields that require extremely high communication connectivity, such as autonomous driving and telemedicine. Taking the medical field as an example, in the future, 5G network will further guarantee the operation of remote surgery. Doctors can perform operations on patients with remote control robotic arms in different places. Unequal access to medical care in remote areas.

After three industrial revolutions, along with continuous technological breakthroughs and innovations in the field of communications, the way people connect with each other and the world has continued to evolve, and the earth has become more dynamic and full of vitality. And now 5G network will trigger the "fourth industrial revolution", communication and connection will become as indispensable as water and air, and promote the development of human civilization to the next level. 5G commercial use is imminent, and we will be fortunate to witness the transformation of 5G industrial networks. A world where everything is interconnected will open a new chapter of civilization.

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