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GSM fixed wireless phone has strong compatibility and high flexibility

GSM fixed wireless phone has strong compatibility and high flexibility

Jun 04, 2021
The thoughtful design of GSM fixed wireless phone makes it easy to use and operate. This device is compatible with any GSM SIM card, allowing you to choose the wireless transaction you need, while providing you with a mobile phone with desk phone usability.

Advantages of GSM fixed wireless phone
1. Dot matrix LCD with backlight;
2. Portuguese/Spanish/Russian/Thai/Arabic/French/English/Chinese operation menu is optional;
3. Powerful phone book;
4. LCD display caller number;
5. Memory stores 10 incoming calls, 10 outgoing calls and 10 missed calls;
6. Different polyphonic ringtones for incoming calls and text messages;
7. Hands-free, redial, call transfer (requires network support) and SMS functions;
8. The ringtone volume is adjustable;
9. Calendar, alarm clock;
10. Rechargeable spare battery;
11. Mobile phone lock, sim lock, and network lock are optional;

GSM fixed wireless phone is an alternative to the traditional PSTN network. It provides instant access to the phone and promotes the user's instant connection with the outside world. It has excellent voice quality, except for making/receiving voice calls and sending/receiving short messages on the GSM network In addition to messaging (SMS), various functions are also supported. An ideal solution for remote areas, small business units, vehicles, exhibitions, seminars, offices and alternative standard mobile phones.

We provide fast delivery and free OEM GSM fixed wireless phone services, such as logo, user manual, label and language menu design, and can also be customized.
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