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How to choose a camping solar generator

How to choose a camping solar generator

Jul 20, 2021

Nowadays, there are many types of generators, and we also have many choices in the market, and there are constantly new manufacturers and models to choose from, it is difficult to know exactly how to choose. When we select camping solar generators for power supplies in truck camping settings, the following points are a list of criteria that we use to choose the most suitable for our needs:

Usable capacity-This is usually expressed in watts, but some also provide ampere-hour ratings.

However, it should be noted that it is generally not recommended to discharge lithium batteries more than 80% of their rated capacity to avoid damage or shorten their life.

Therefore, when the rated power of a solar generator is 1100 watts (or about 90 amp-hours), its usable capacity is actually 880 watts (or about 73 amp-hours) before the device turns itself off to protect the battery.

DC charging option-to ensure that the solar generator has a good 12v car charging option. This will allow you to charge the generator between camps or when the sun cannot meet your power needs.

Maximum charging rate-make sure the charging rate is not a bottleneck-which means it cannot be charged fast enough to meet your power needs while camping

Cost-We found that above a certain price point, it may be more practical to use a traditional dual battery setup or a gas inverter generator. This is also a point that many campers are more concerned about. After all, when going out, there are not only costs in this area, but also costs incurred by many other equipment and equipment going out. The excessively high generator cost is indeed not suitable for us to choose.

Power output (110V AC and 12V DC)-The power inverter in the solar generator converts the DC stored in the solar generator's lithium-ion battery into AC, which is used in equipment that does not use 12V DC.

Consider the equipment you want/need to supply power during camping, and make sure that the inverter in the solar generator can accommodate the AC power consumption of the equipment (for example, if you want to use a 1000 watt microwave, the inverter of the solar generator needs to be rated at More than this amount).

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