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How to choose the right 5G router

How to choose the right 5G router

Aug 30, 2022

5G brings significant improvements to the next generation of wireless technology, some of the biggest being network slicing, extended roaming security, and zero-trust network access. Network slicing allows operators to offer tailored services to enterprises, as each "slice" of the network can be used for different functions and has its own unique security protocols. Using data while roaming is one of the biggest ways that data can be compromised. When carriers are interconnected, there will undoubtedly be some networks that are not protected because the security protocols of the two different carriers will not match perfectly. 5G implements a secure edge protection proxy that encrypts and filters all data transmissions on the end user side. This process may include verifying user identity, location, device, previous usage patterns, and even request timestamps. This essentially creates an invite-only way of securing which group or groups have access to the network.

To start your search for the perfect 5G router, it's important to choose a router that's compatible with multiple generations of cellular networks. While 5G is the latest and greatest cellular network to date, that doesn't mean 4G LTE is gone. Many applications and businesses still use 4G on a daily basis, so be sure to choose a router that supports both 4G and 5G. Second, since you need a 5G router, it makes sense to choose a router that supports the entire 5G spectrum. Spectrum, from the fastest speeds of mmWave to sub-1GHz, will have their own specific applications and be better suited for certain tasks than the rest of the spectrum.

Additionally, you will need a router that supports full lifecycle management. This includes things like out-of-band management, designed to give users more control and improve efficiency. It's also important to look for carrier-grade connections, as this can provide specific software modem versions that meet each carrier's network requirements and allow for multi-level integrity testing that can predict vulnerable connections to stop cyberattacks before they happen .The last feature to make sure your router is compatible is the Smart Hybrid WAN connection. This technology helps provide wireless router management in wired SD-WAN environments and provides all-in-one functionality in wireless SD-WAN deployments.

What to expect from 5G
The biggest impact 5G will have on enterprise-grade applications is the ability to accommodate large numbers of connections and devices without throttling speeds or reducing availability. Being able to connect all devices on the same network not only makes it easier for network professionals to troubleshoot any issues that arise, but it also allows them to provide all devices on the network with the same level of high-end protection that 5G provides through features such as network slicing. Also, 5G sim routers don't have to be wall mounted or the eyes of guests. Because of their versatility, many 5G routers are ideal for pop-up stores, offices, and other deployment areas that would otherwise be considered too small for a router. Whether your business needs to implement a 5G-ready solution now, or you're just looking for a future-proof solution, a 5G router can bring immediate benefits to your business.

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