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How to protect a home wireless network

How to protect a home wireless network

May 17, 2021

Ethernet cable close-up

If you set up a home wireless network or 4g wireless router, you may notice something: your neighbors have also received them! Not only that, if the security is not good, you can easily connect to other people's networks, and for the same reason, they can also connect to your network. So how to protect our home network? we suggest:

1.Make sure you protect the network security (using a so-called pre-shared key or PSK). Use the strongest form of security supported by hardware: use WPA2 instead of WPA, and use WPA in preference to WEP.

2.Choose a slightly more complicated password (of course, your neighbors will not easily guess it, such as your last name). At least, if you want to use a password that is easy to remember, please put a special character ($, %, etc.) at the beginning or end of the password, which will greatly improve security.

3.Set up the network to use an access control list (ACL). This is a list of specific trusted computers that will be allowed to connect to your network. For each computer in the list, you need to specify the so-called MAC address (or LAN MAC address). You will find the MAC address written on the bottom of the laptop, the back of the desktop or the bottom of the plug-in PCMCIA network card.

4.If you only have one computer and will never move from a desktop computer (which is fairly close to a wifi wireless router), don't use wireless at all. Switch to an Ethernet cable connection and use the network in wired mode. It will be faster and safer.

You can set the network to "hidden, only people who know the network name can connect by entering the correct SSID and password. Hidden networks may have problems in some older operating systems, so you need to test your operations Whether the system is working properly. There are different opinions on whether hiding the network is safe. Some people claim that they are safer. Others say they have security risks.

Network security cannot be ignored, not only at home, but even more so at work.

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