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How to set up a wireless router

How to set up a wireless router

Mar 29, 2021

Nowadays, most of them use a broadband for multiple people, so routers must be used. When it comes to routers, you must first mention wireless routing. Not only computers can be used at home, but mobile phones also need to be used. Okay, let’s share with you here. Here is how to set up a wireless router.

First of all, if there is a wireless router, then first plug in the power, then plug in the Internet cable, the incoming cable is plugged into the wan port (usually the blue port), and then the network cable connected to the computer can be plugged into which lan port. After finishing these tasks, you will see an address and account password on the back of the router. After connecting, enter the address you see on the router in the browser, usually (Of course, if your home is connected to the Internet via a telephone line Also prepare an additional modem, commonly known as "cat")

Then enter, enter the corresponding account and password, generally the new ones are admin After confirming, enter the operation interface, you will see a setting wizard on the left, enter it (usually it will pop up automatically) Enter the setting wizard interface

Click Next to enter the Internet access settings, we can see that there are three options for Internet access, if your home is dial-up, then use PPPoE. Dynamic IP can be used when the computer is directly plugged into the network, and there is a DHCP server on the upper layer. Static IP is usually dedicated line or something, it may also be cell bandwidth, etc. There is no DHCP server on the upper layer, or you want to have a fixed IP. Because I dialed, I chose pppoe.

To choose PPPOE dial-up Internet access, you need to fill in the Internet account and password. Everyone should understand that there will be an account to open broadband. Fill in it and it’s OK.

Then the next step is to enter the wireless settings, we can see the channel, mode, security options, SSID, etc., generally SSID is a name, you can fill in it, and the mode is mostly 11bgn. We have to choose wpa for the wireless security option -psk/wpa2-psk, so safe, so as not to let others crack and rub the Internet.

Click Finish, and the 4g wireless router will automatically restart. At this time, please wait patiently. The interface that appears after success.

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