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Mobile power selection guide for outdoor camping

Mobile power selection guide for outdoor camping

Jul 06, 2021
Outdoor camping enthusiasts must bring a mobile power supply every time they camp, otherwise they cannot support normal outdoor life. Whether it is kitchen utensils, mobile phones or cars, they need to be powered on. It is much more convenient to have a mobile power supply. Choosing a mobile power bank is not only a matter of voltage, but also the following
Outdoor Camping Power
1. The first thing to consider is the battery capacity. The battery capacity is related to the power time you use, which is the so-called endurance. It is recommended to choose 100,000mah or more, just put it in the trunk of the car, don’t be afraid of taking up space.

2. Secondly, its power is the wattage. It is recommended to choose an outdoor camping power supply above 500w. The wattage of ordinary household appliances is not small, such as 500w electric rice cooker and 800w hair dryer, which need to be supported by 500w outdoor power supply. If you want to use an electric kettle or induction cooker, you have to consider an outdoor power supply above 1000w. If you want to use a microwave oven and an electric oven, you need to choose a mobile power supply above 1200w.

3. Concerning the different types of batteries in the market, UPS uninterruptible power supplies use lead-acid batteries, and most outdoor power supplies use lithium batteries. There are also different distinctions between lithium batteries, one is cylindrical, called a ternary lithium battery, and the other is a lithium iron phosphate battery. The ternary lithium battery has a high battery density and can output a large amount of energy, that is, it has poor stability under high temperature conditions, and does not perform as well as lithium iron phosphate batteries. Iron phosphate has high safety and stable charging and discharging performance, that is, the battery density is relatively low.

4. There are many expandable output ports, indicating that the use of scenes is relatively wide. Such as AC socket, DC socket, car charger, USB interface, type-c interface, etc. are all required. This can facilitate the power supply of mobile phones and kitchen utensils. See if it is possible to install an electric pack. If the same power supply is installed with an electric pack, the capacity will be much larger. See if there is a solar charging board. If so, you can use solar energy for charging, which is a lot more convenient.

5. In the case of a safety enclosure, sufficient safety must be achieved. Don't choose a pure plastic or metal shell. It is recommended to choose a combination of aluminum alloy and fireproof PC plastic, which is also used by mainstream outdoor mobile power sources on the market.
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