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Office Wireless Routers Will Bring More Convenience To Our Office Work

Office Wireless Routers Will Bring More Convenience To Our Office Work

Feb 04, 2021

For many people, 2020 is an unforgettable year and also a special year. The COVID-19 has changed our original lifestyle, making it impossible for us to resume normal work and production for long time. However, during the COVID-19, We have to develop and adapt to various habits of working from home. During home office work, office wireless routers also bring a lot of convenience to our online office.

The router sends the limited broadband wirelessly so that notebooks, tablets, and mobile phones can access the Internet wirelessly, or connect a network cable to a desktop computer, and the computer must dial the Internet through the cat. So what are the main functions and functions of the wireless router?

1.The wireless router can be regarded as a repeater, which forwards the broadband network signal from the wall at home to nearby wireless network devices (laptops, wifi-enabled mobile phones, and all devices with WIFI function) through the antenna.

2.The wireless router is the same as the ordinary router to provide network sharing equipment for the computer, which is our common network cable for multiple users to share the Internet. If there is no router, it is impossible to achieve multi-person Internet sharing.

3.In addition to the ordinary multi-person sharing Internet access, the wireless router can also realize multi-person wireless Internet access. For example, our common 3G mobile phones, tablet computers, and laptops all have the function of WIFI wireless receiving network signals, and the wireless router can convert the network signals into wireless signals and send them out for the above mobile devices.

Whether we are working at home or gathering with multiple people, we can use the 4g wireless router well at the same time, making our home office and gatherings more convenient and smooth.

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