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Perfect Wireless Routers Keep Your Work Frustration-Free

Perfect Wireless Routers Keep Your Work Frustration-Free

Jan 21, 2021

If you are still worrying about the internet speed in the office, please read this article carefully and introduce us to a super hot wireless router, so that you and your partner can work worry-free!

R109A Office TD-LTE 4G GSM wireless router

This wireless router has the following characteristics:
  • The 4G LTE CPE router has a powerful signal with 4 antennas, which can access the Internet through the HSPA/LTE data SIM card.
  • 4g router Internet access / PPPoE working mode, most network frequencies in Asia, Europe, Africa, Middle East and South America
  • 300mbps wifi router can provide high speed for 32 users at the same time, so you have greater wireless fun without connecting to broadband network
  • 4G LTE CPE provides 2.4GHz WFi hotspot, with strong signal and long-distance WiFi coverage, and is also suitable for external camera projects. Stream and share movies, music and photos with family and friends at the same time
  • 300Mbps wired router 150Mbps 4G LTE LTE (Cat 4): DL150Mbps; UL50Mbps

Selecting the best WiFi router depends entirely on the type of work you’ll be doing on your home or office network.

A high-quality wireless router will be your ideal work partner.

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