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Portable outdoor power supply-providing continuous power outdoors

Portable outdoor power supply-providing continuous power outdoors

Jul 20, 2021

A perfect portable outdoor power supply, allowing you to get rid of the anxiety of power outages. Ideal power supply for home and outdoor backup batteries or emergency, suitable for almost all electronic devices less than 1000W (peak power 2000 watts), such as smart phones, laptops, cameras, lights, TVs, fans, drones, CPAP, mobile power supplies , Mini refrigerator, etc. With this portable power station, there is no need to worry about power outages anymore.

Let's take a look at the characteristics of our outdoor power supply here:

Extremely Long Cycle Life:
The battery capacity is over 80% after 1C charge & discharge under 100% DOD for 3500 cycles
The design life is up to 10 years
Light weight, Compact size
Quiet, Green energy, renewable

Thermal & chemical stability improved with LFP battery, which is widely used on E-bus & backup battery storage system

Large capacity:
With a 1584Wh (48V, 33Ah)/2400Wh (48V/50Ah) LFP battery, could provide a long time power supply for many instruments

Rich output interface:
1*USB, 2*DC 12V, 1*cigarette lighter, 2* DC  48V (CEE)ports

Our outdoor power solutions can provide charging functions for digital and automotive products and low-power home appliances anytime, anywhere, and solve the power needs of different outdoor users. We will also be your strongest backing support.

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