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Portable Power Station Suitable for Outdoor

Portable Power Station Suitable for Outdoor

Jul 06, 2021
More and more equipment has an urgent need for uninterrupted power supply. No matter outdoor exploration, traveling, camping, emergency outdoor work, rescue, etc., uninterrupted power is needed. Conventional small mobile power can no longer meet the requirements, especially Those that require AC power supply.
portable power station

SUNCOMM, a development team from China, has launched an outdoor portable power station that is quiet, green and renewable. Portable outdoor power supply could be the power source for DC refrigerators, lighting, cellphone, tablet, and laptops for a long time. 12V TVs, fans, and electric blankets could be used directly, and it can also be used for emergency replenishment of car batteries.

With a 1584Wh (48V, 33Ah)/2400Wh (48V/50Ah) LFP battery, could provide a long time power supply for many instruments. Extremely long cycle life, The battery capacity is over 80% after 1C charge & discharge under 100% DOD for 3500 cycles. Thermal & chemical stability improved with LFP battery, which is widely used on E-bus & backup battery storage system. The design life is up to 10 years.

Including 1*USB, 2*DC 12V, 1*cigarette lighter, 2* DC  48V (CEE)ports, convenient for different devices and self-charge use. No matter where it is outdoors, it can charge multiple mobile phones at the same time, and even power the electric kettle, Boiling a pot of hot water, you can also directly charge your laptop or other devices at the same time

In addition to outdoor power supply, it can also provide emergency power supply for the home. When the power supply is suspended from normal channels in an emergency, you no longer need to rush to use it to easily handle it, provide power for various equipment, and ensure emergency and safe use!

In addition to the powerful charging function, SUNCOMM’s portable power station also has some user-friendly designs when using it. In order to facilitate checking the power and working status, in addition to the expansion interface on the front panel, there is also a huge display screen that can display in real time. The current output power, remaining power and rechargeable time of the battery make it easy to check at a glance when using it.
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