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Portable solar generator allows you to enjoy yourself at any time outdoors

Portable solar generator allows you to enjoy yourself at any time outdoors

Nov 05, 2021
Many smart phone users like to carry the power bank with them, but usually the power bank can only be used to charge and charge small devices such as smart phones and tablets. If you are hiking or exploring outdoors, the power of the mobile power supply will not play a big role.

And our large-function camping generator is definitely an artifact of outdoor electricity. PD-100A Portable solar generator has a built-in battery with a capacity of 1100WH, and can provide 220V AC power, lighting, and there are two 12V power supplies, two USB ports, and energy storage through solar panels.

The 1100WH battery generator can basically power most of the electrical appliances anytime and anywhere, and can be used at the same time at the same time. PD-100A camping solar generator is relatively small and easy to carry, weighing only 9 kilograms, it can be easily carried in the trunk of a car to explore or travel. PD-100A has a built-in lithium-ion battery and can pass through solar panels. Replenish new power at any time to reduce the consumption rate of battery power.

The rich interfaces of the PD-100A can almost meet the needs of all electrical appliances. We can even use it to watch TV and power mobile refrigerators. Of course, laptops are not a problem. The total output power of the PD-100A power supply is 120 watts. The two 5V power USB ports provided by PD-100A can quickly charge small devices anytime and anywhere, such as smart phones, tablets or Bluetooth speakers. The maximum output power of each port is 10.5W. PD-100A also has a built-in LED display. , You can view real-time output and input power and remaining power and other information. At the same time, PD-100A is also equipped with a cooling fan, which can cool down in time, and has waterproof and dust-proof functions, which can meet the requirements of outdoor use.

How about, with the PD-100A Portable Power Energy Storage, we can not only use it for outdoor camping, but also use it to build outdoor theaters and backyard party lights. Power lights can be done with PD-100A. It can be said that PD-100A is just one. A small mobile power station. Come and join our picnic team!

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