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Rapid Development Of Fixed Wireless Phone

Rapid Development Of Fixed Wireless Phone

Feb 04, 2021

Fixed wireless phone are different from common wireless walkie-talkies. Generally, wireless walkie-talkies are only used for two-phone mutual talk or multiple walkie-talkies form a communication network to communicate with each other, while fixed wireless phone are connected by a "fixed machine" . When entering the city's telephone lines, the fixed machine takes the role of relay and forwarding, and the "mobile machine" can be carried out and can talk to other phones at any time. The original fixed wireless phone was for users to carry and communicate in or near the house, and the range was only tens to hundreds of meters.

In recent years, fixed wireless phone have been developed as repeaters with larger transmission power for forwarding, and mobile phones can send and receive calls within a range of several kilometers or even farther.

Fixed Wireless Phone

The fixed wireless phone is constructed by the short-distance radio transceiver signal between the fixed machine and the mobile machine to construct the tone, and generally adopts the narrowband frequency modulation mode controlled by the crystal to work. When the fixed machine receives the voice from the local telephone line, it is transmitted by the transmitter in the machine to the receiving part of the mobile machine, and finally it is transmitted from the speaker of the mobile machine. The mobile phone's answering call is also transmitted by the mobile phone's microphone, the wireless transmission of the machine is received by the fixed machine, and then transmitted to the other party via the local office line.

This kind of cordless phone is light and flexible, and it is very convenient for mobile communication. It can even talk to any place in the world.

In recent years, telephone technology has been changing rapidly and advancing by leaps and bounds. The variety of phones, the rapid technological update, and the wide range of applications are truly jaw-dropping. In 1988, there were 477 million telephone mainframe lines in the world, and the telephone communication network extends in all directions, all over the world. From presidents, ministers, generals to ordinary people, from entrepreneurs, scientists, artists to workers and farmers, almost everyone is enjoying the benefits and convenience that the wireless desktop phone brings to them.

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