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The working principle and type of router

The working principle and type of router

Apr 09, 2021
A router is a hardware device that connects two or more networks. It acts as a gateway between networks. It is a dedicated intelligent network device that reads the address in each data packet and then decides how to transmit it.

It connects your business to the world, protects information from security threats, and can even decide which computers get priority over others. These local networks are useful if you want to share files among devices or allow employees to share software tools.

If you don’t have routers, your business's data won’t get directed to the right place. For example, if you'd like to print a document, you need a router to help get that document to a printer—not to another computer or a scanner.

What are the different types of routers?

Wired routers
Wired routers usually connect directly to modems or wide-area networks (WANs) via network cables. They typically come with a port that connects to modems to communicate with the Internet.

Wireless routers
Wireless routers can receive information from and send information to the Internet. A wireless router is a hardware device used to connect a computer to a network without running cables from the computer to the router.

A high speed wireless router allows you to share an internet connection with several other computer users without having to pay internet subscription fees for each individual user. Users can quickly and easily connect to the internet, usually within 100 feet of the wireless signal.

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