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Tips for installing a wifi wireless router at home

Tips for installing a wifi wireless router at home

Nov 23, 2021

Without a wireless network, life seems pale and weak, and everyone’s life loses a lot of color in an instant. A wireless router is also one of the essential equipment at home. If we install a wireless router at home, we need to pay attention to several things:

A wifi wireless router is a device used to allow network access. The main advantage is that you can connect the router to your PC or laptop without fixing wires or cables. Nowadays, wireless routers are more popular because you can take your laptop to any place you like in your home. Now you don’t have to be stuck in one place to use the Internet. All wireless routers have an allowable radius for you to use. Now, when you buy a wireless router, you usually ask the seller to repair it for you at the lowest possible cost. Therefore, here are some simple guidelines to help you install your own router at home.

Set up is simple and easy. First, choose your own wireless device. There are many types of 4g wireless routers on the market. The main difference lies in the speed and technology used. The recommended technology is 802.11g, because it is of very good quality and compatible with any type of computer. When you use a wireless router, you must ensure that your computer supports wireless networks. If not, you will need to purchase a USB wireless network adapter and plug it into your computer. As for laptops, most of them have built-in wireless networks. Therefore, it is important for you to check first.

After preparing all the wireless devices, turn off the Internet modem now. Take out the network cable, plug one end into the modem, and the other end into the Internet port of the router. Then, after connecting the two devices together, turn on the computer. You will notice that your computer is wirelessly connected to the wireless router. The router will then send the signal from the modem to your computer for Internet connection. When you turn on the wireless modem, there will be a flashing light. It indicates that the wireless modem is configuring the network. Once it stabilizes, you can connect to the Internet.

After completing all external connections, the next step is to configure the settings. When you turn on the computer, it will automatically connect to the Internet wirelessly. Now, open your Internet browser. When using the router for the first time, you will be asked to enter your username and password. This information can be found in the box manual. After inserting all this information, it is recommended that you change them immediately. Remember not to share the password with anyone, because people may use your wireless network at any time. Give yourself a unique network name. Different types of routers require different settings and configurations. Be sure to read the manual and strictly follow it.

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