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Transparent transmission benefits and security factors of 5G/4G industrial routers

Transparent transmission benefits and security factors of 5G/4G industrial routers

Jul 19, 2022

Transparent transmission, in layman's terms, is "transparent transmission". It is necessary to transmit the data to the destination node under the premise of ensuring the quality, and do not do any processing on the data. Transparent transmission is generally used to read remote serial port data. For example, train stations need to swipe ID card information to enter, but the ID card information database cannot be placed near every train station. At this time, the 4G industrial router can be used to transfer the data collection to the proofreading platform of the railway station, and compare it with the real ID card.

What are the benefits of transparent transmission of 5G/4G industrial routers?
1. Real and effective. After the real and effective data is transmitted to the destination intact, it is distributed and processed according to the original data. The transmitted data does not undergo any processing to ensure that there is no deviation when the field data is transmitted to the destination node, thereby ensuring the authenticity and validity of the data.
2. Simple and convenient. The original data transmission can be carried out without being bound by any protocol. Regardless of the data being transferred, the final destination node can be reached.

Security Factors of 5G/4G Industrial Routers
The security of 5G/4G industrial routers is like a guard that protects the normal operation of the heart, ensuring that the industrial routers can use transparent transmission normally. For example: 4G industrial router USR-G800 uses high-performance MIPS core, and the metal shell protection level is IP30. The power supply supports terminal power supply, the voltage range is 9~16V, provides a variety of protections, supports anti-reverse connection, anti-surge, anti-static protection, and is easy to apply in industrial control sites.

1. Because industrial routers have the ability to perform complex routing calculations, and can select the best path reasonably and intelligently, it is suitable for connecting more than 2 large-scale and complex network topology networks.
2. Industrial-grade routers can isolate broadcast storm information in the source network, thereby reducing and suppressing the impact of broadcast storms
3. The multi-protocol industrial wireless router can connect to networks using different communication protocols, so it can be used as a network interconnection platform using different communication protocols
4. The network interconnected by single-protocol industrial-grade wireless routers can use the same or different protocols at layers 1-2; use the same routable protocol at layer 3; and use the same or compatible protocols at layer 4 and above
5. The use of industrial 5G/4G routers can isolate unnecessary communications, so that the interconnected networks can maintain their own independent management and control ranges and improve the security performance of the network. Therefore, industrial-grade 4G routers are often used as firewalls to limit the access to the external network (Internet) within the local area network (the Internet) and the external network to the internal area of the local area network, and play the role of network shielding.
6. Network-wide routers can also act as bridges to handle protocols that are not "routable"
7. The network segmentation function of all Netcom routers can improve the performance of the network and reduce the burden on the host
8. Can provide reliable transmission, prioritized services, and industrial LTE routers do not need to maintain permanent connections between networks that communicate with each other

1. There are many initial configurations when installing an industrial-grade LTE router, so its installation and maintenance are difficult
2. Different from bridges, industrial network routers are related to protocols. Each high-level protocol in the network connection must be configured separately, and an industrial-grade network router with a separate protocol must be provided for each protocol.
3. Use more time for processing, resulting in decreased network transmission performance of the entire network of industrial routers
4, the price is higher
5. Industrial Netcom routers do not support non-routing protocols, so when interconnecting multiple networks, there are restrictions on the protocols used by the connected networks

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