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Upgrading And Empowerment Of Traditional Industries - 5g + Industrial Internet

Upgrading And Empowerment Of Traditional Industries - 5g + Industrial Internet

Apr 21, 2022

Through the connection of industrial equipment to the cloud and the Internet to achieve intelligent coordination of the industrial chain, the industrial Internet has become a key force in the digital transformation of industrial enterprises. With the advantages of large bandwidth and low latency of 5G network to ensure high-speed transmission of massive data, the integration of 5G and industrial Internet is accelerating the process of new industrialization and injecting new momentum into global economic development.

Integration exploration continues to accelerate, helping enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency. Transforming equipment with sensor technology, realizing real-time interconnection of data and cloud through 5G Internet of Things, product line change can be realized in only 30 minutes, and test efficiency is greatly improved; In recent years, the integration and exploration of "5G Wireless Router" has continued to accelerate.

"5G+Industrial Internet" has become one of the fields with the highest industry enthusiasm, the most active innovation, and the most remarkable results in the development process of the Industrial Internet and 5G, which will effectively promote the transformation and upgrading of the real economy to digitalization, networking and intelligence.

Scenario applications are constantly enriched, helping enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency. "5G+Industrial Internet" leads the development in electronic equipment manufacturing, equipment manufacturing, steel, mining, electric power and other industries, and has formed collaborative R&D design, remote equipment control, equipment collaborative operation, flexible manufacturing, on-site auxiliary assembly, machine vision quality inspection, Equipment fault diagnosis, factory intelligent logistics, unmanned intelligent inspection, production site monitoring and other scenarios.

With the application of 5G in industrial enterprises, more fields and industries will be involved in the future. Suncom is committed to studying the use of 5G technology and proposing products and solutions suitable for many industries. Welcome to contact us.

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