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What are the advantages of 5G CPE over ONU?

What are the advantages of 5G CPE over ONU?

Oct 14, 2022
ONU is a type of CPE. The difference between ONU and 5G CPE is that the former is connected to optical access network equipment, while 5G CPE is connected to 5G base stations.

The current 5G CPE products all use the same or similar 5G chips as 5G mobile phones. They have strong 5G connectivity, support SA/NSA networking, and are compatible with 4G/5G signals. In terms of speed, 5G CPE is similar to ONU.

Advantages of 5G CPE

1. Mobility, fast registration and termination of service

Unlike traditional ONUs that can only be used in fixed locations, 5G CPEs can be "mobile". Wherever there is a 5G signal, 5G CPE can be used.

Traditional "fiber broadband" is relatively easy to build. Go to the sales office to request a package, and you can open it. But cancellation is more troublesome. Broadband services today have an agreement period. It cannot be stopped at will until the end of the agreement period. If you need to move, you have to switch to fiber-optic broadband, which is also troublesome. As for 5G CPE, as long as there is a 5G mobile phone SIM card, high-speed Internet access is possible.

5G CPE is an ideal choice for people who are renting, as well as small businesses that need internet service, because of its mobility, fast internet service sign-up and termination. 5G CPE is also suitable for remote areas or where the terrain is complex and fiber is hardly available. Due to their large area and small population, many parts of the world have been using CPE a long time ago. They use the 5G outdoor CPE to receive the signal from the base station and convert it to the original signal to access the internet.

2. 5G CPE can be upgraded to small cells

5G CPE modifies 4G or 5G as a WiFi hotspot. WIFI devices can be converted through 5G CPE and connected to 4G or 5G networks.

The WIFI hotspot, including the information processing and transmission inside the CPE, is divided into 2 completely independent channels. The internal network channel has its own wi-fi, which is taken care of by individuals, and also has account and password verification. External network channels are regulated and managed by operators. Two-way verification, remote monitoring, encrypted transmission, vibrant passwords, strict isolation of software and some equipment, to meet carrier-level security requirements, to achieve complete isolation of indoor and outdoor wi-fi, external network channel authentication customer SIM card,

The 5G CPE can be upgraded to a small cell with both WiFi LAN and micro cell functions. The signal at the window is good, and the signal inside the car is negative. Install a 5G CPE micro base station by a window in your home and connect it to a power source.

It can access 4G and 5G networks through CPE's external network. The telephone charges, SMS charges, and information charges generated by the CPE are all included in the number corresponding to the SIM card of the mobile phone, not included in the CPE device. Peripheral WIFI devices without SIM card, computer tablet, and without wi-fi can get a USB user interface wi-fi card, access 4G/5G network through the WIFI intranet, and generate traffic charges. Enter the number corresponding to the SIM of the CPE Card.

5G CPE micro base station, no matter where you go, as long as there is a 4G/5G signal by the window, a mobile phone indoors, other terminal tools with SIM cards, and WIFI, you can call the Internet on standby to solve the problem of invisible indoors . WIFI tools without SIM cards can also pass through the intranet.

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