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What are the benefits of 5G wireless WiFi

What are the benefits of 5G wireless WiFi

May 16, 2022
5G Wi-Fi refers to Wi-Fi operating in the 5Ghz radio wave band and using the 802.11 ac protocol. Higher wireless transmission speed is the biggest feature of 5G Wi-Fi.

1. Have a faster network and get rid of congestion
Now the world's fastest wireless WiFi transmission speed is only 300Mbps (a few can reach 600Mbps), which is equivalent to only transmitting about 36MB of content per second. This speed is not enough for current needs.

In the local area network, a 500MB file is copied to the mobile phone through the 5G wireless WiFi router, repeated 5 times, and the average value is calculated. The result is about twice as fast as the 2.4G wireless WiFi device. For example, S4 is 4.66 MB/ s, the peak value of S3 is 2.53 MB/s (broadband, router configuration is different, the actual results will be different).

2. Improve playback quality
Since the transmission speed of 5G wireless WiFi can reach 125MB per second, not only the download is fast, but also the online viewing of high-definition videos is smooth.

3. Mobile phones are more power efficient
One of the great things about 5G wireless WiFi is energy savings—because it takes less time to download something of the same size, and the device goes into low-power power-saving mode faster. For example, Broadcom's 5G wireless WiFi technology can reduce the power consumption rate of mobile devices by 83%, thus extending the operating time of the device.

4. Better signal quality
The 5Ghz frequency band is less used, the radio interference is reduced, and the signal quality is better.

But 5G wireless WiFi also has its shortcomings, such as poor signal penetration.

Although the anti-interference and transmission data volume of 5Ghz is larger than that of 2.4Ghz, it is mainly used in unobstructed situations, such as non-penetrating walls, and generally works well within 5-10 meters, but the signal propagation capability of 5Ghz is worse than that of 2.4Ghz. If the home needs to pass through walls or other electronic devices, the performance of 2.4Ghz will be better.
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