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What are the factors to consider when choosing a router

What are the factors to consider when choosing a router

Dec 30, 2020
1. Consider network speed and stability

The core function of the router depends on the chip solution used in routing, that is, the router's new processor, system optimization and WiFi technology.

The overall processor chip mainly depends on the performance parameters, such as frequency and memory size. Buyers who don't really understand will also fancy router brands.

2. Consider Srtonger WiFi signal
Simply put, it is necessary to consider the ability of the signal to penetrate the wall and the wireless power of the router. These are directly related to the antenna. In theory, if the router puts more under the same specification, it means that the higher the power and the more antennas, the application of MIMO technology can also increase the transmission speed, and the natural wall penetration performance will be better.

2.4GHz and 5GHz are wireless signal spectrum, 2.4GHz is earlier than 5GHz, so 2.4GHz versatility is better than 5GHz. The difference between the two: 5GHz WiFi is faster than 2.4GHz WiFi and has a larger coverage area; 2.4GHz WiFi is wider than 5GHz WiFi.

Now the coexistence of 2.4GHz and 5GHz forms (dual-band) has become a trend. Dual-band WiFi devices have stronger anti-interference ability, more stable WiFi signals, and faster transmission speeds, so choosing a dual-band router is a positive choice .

3. Simple routing setting
In this regard, the brand of smart wireless routers is better, adopting a new production model, and setting the UI is relatively simple and practical.

4. More functions
This piece should be combined with its own needs, and generally multi-function will consider remote control, offline download, etc.

5. The router needs to match the home broadband
The wireless signal quality is not only limited by the router. The most fundamentally limited by the network bandwidth, if the home broadband is only 20M, choosing a gigabit router will be a waste. So choose the right route to match the home broadband.

In addition, the router's network port also needs attention. There are currently two gigabytes and 100 megabytes. You can also pay attention when choosing.

If you are looking for a wireless router suitable for your home or office, you can search for SUNCOMM wireless router products.

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