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What Does 5g In 5g Routers, 5g Network Routers, And 5g Mobile Phones Mean?

What Does 5g In 5g Routers, 5g Network Routers, And 5g Mobile Phones Mean?

Jul 07, 2022

5G router

In fact, this is a coincidence in the naming. Most 5G routers today are not routers that can use 5G networks as we understand them. It is the category of WIFI’s original frequency band, 5G Hz (Hertz). There are two common working channels for routers: 2.4G Hz and 5G Hz. In order to distinguish it from 2.4G Hz routers, many businesses have written on the title. 5G routers are used to indicate that they are selling 5G Hz routers, which has also led to the misunderstanding of some users, thinking that it is a new product after the 5G network came out, but in fact, they have been produced for many years.

5G Hz generally has a higher wireless rate to allow faster Internet access, which is commonly known as a gigabit wireless router, but the 5G Hz frequency band also has certain drawbacks, that is, the signal penetration capability is worse than that of 2.4G Hz. To experience a smooth network, it is best to stay close to the router, but don't worry, because many routers are dual-band routers, with 2.4G Hz and 5G Hz at the same time, the router will automatically switch according to the signal strength, allowing us to use the experience. better.

5G network router

Only those that support the conversion of 5G network signals into WIFI signals are 5G network routers, which are 5G routers with sim card slots. Generally, they need to be used after inserting a 5G card into the router. The speed can reach more than 1Gbps, and the Internet speed is very fast.

5G mobile phone

The 5G of mobile phones actually refers to the fifth generation 5 Generation, which is what we call Internet of Things mobile phones.

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