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What factors need to be considered when choosing a 5G antenna

What factors need to be considered when choosing a 5G antenna

May 10, 2022

From an application perspective, 5G is an exciting proposition. It offers improved performance, enhanced data rates and all the new possibilities emerging from this new standard. But even with all this potential, the actual performance of a 5G device still depends on its antenna.

As licensed spectrum, you also need your device to be certified by a carrier - a process that requires your device to meet certain performance parameters before the network will even allow your device to boot. This makes the antenna selection process an important step that can make or break a device's launch.

To ensure that the 5g antenna you choose will provide an adequate level of performance (for end users and cellular operators), you need to consider:

You need supported frequency bands, such as those supported by your carrier or mobile operator
The size of the device.
Availability of ground plane lengths.
Antenna placement options.
Clearances, especially metal parts.
Material used for product housing.
The location of the device in its final application.
Battery/Power Requirements
and other factors, including the performance requirements specified by the cell operator.
5G networks currently operate on similar radio frequency bands as existing 4G networks. But as the technology evolves and 5G-NR (New Radio) networks roll out, it is integrating a wider range of frequencies, offering more benefits for different applications.

There are some of the most important factors to consider during the selection process, as well as some of the best choices for antennas for various use cases. Welcome to our official website for consultation and purchase of suitable external 5g antenna.

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