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What is the concept of 5g base station? What are the characteristics and functions?

What is the concept of 5g base station? What are the characteristics and functions?

Jun 20, 2022

The 5g base station was born with the advent of the 5g era and is a product of technological innovation in the new era. 5g base stations make people's lives more intelligent, people can enjoy the benefits brought by smart cities, and the Internet of Everything will also make people's lives more intelligent. Life has been turned upside down.

The concept of 5g base station:

5G base station is a more interesting concept. Simply put, 5G base station is the wireless access network of 5G. The base station has been continuously evolving from 2G to 3G and 4G. As early as the 2G era, the base station was called BTS . The base station includes baseband unit, radio frequency unit and antenna system. In the 2G era, the baseband unit and the radio frequency unit are in the same cabinet. The radio frequency unit from the base station has a long feeder connected to the antenna on the tower. In the 3G era, The baseband unit and the radio frequency unit began to separate, and the base=BBU+RRU+antenna feeder system began. In the early days, the RRU was also hung on the wall of the computer room, and was connected to the antenna on the tower through a long feeder. On the port. Later, in order to save space in the computer room, the RRU began to go up the tower, and there was an RRU remote base station. This kind of RRU remote is called D-RAN (Distributed Radio Access Network). In the 4G era , Some BBUs are centrally deployed in a certain computer room, while the RRU is on the tower, and the BBU and the RRU are deployed remotely through optical fibers. This centralized deployment of BBUs is called a BBU pool.

The significance of 5g base station
5G indoor base stations can provide home network construction services. Depending on the area of the house, base stations with different powers can be selected. The general base station signal can cover 100 square meters, and there is basically no network dead angle. Samsung launched the world's first 5G commercial mobile phone. , Samsung S10 5G version, the maximum download speed is 2Gpbs. In addition, the download speed of 5G signals tested in many areas has exceeded 1G/sec. Compared with 4G, 5g network not only brings high-speed download experience, but also has low latency. Through the low-latency characteristics of the 5G network booster, remote control without delay can be realized, and there are more industries that may be tapped.

Features of 5g base stations
High speed: 4G network is increased from 6Mbps to 1Gbps, and it only takes 1 second for a user to download an ultra-clear movie; VR needs a broadband of more than 150Mbps to achieve high-definition transmission; VR industry can achieve breakthroughs with 5G. High speed can also support telemedicine and Distance education, etc. has shifted from concept to practical application. These all require high-speed networks as the basis. Ubiquitous network: Because in the 3G and 4G era, we use macro base stations, which have high power and large size, and cannot be densely deployed, resulting in distance The near signal is strong, and the long distance signal is weak. The 5G era will use micro base stations, that is, small base stations, which can cover peripheral communications and enable network signals to be connected to any corner.

The establishment of 5g base stations has significantly improved the speed of people's Internet access, and people will no longer be troubled by network problems. Looking forward to the full arrival of the 5g era!

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