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What is the reason for the popularity of industrial 5G CPE?

What is the reason for the popularity of industrial 5G CPE?

Dec 28, 2022
In recent years, communication technology has entered the era of great explosion, and there have been great breakthroughs on the whole. The emergence of industrial high speed 5G CPE this kind of 5G customer terminal equipment is a good proof. This kind of equipment can effectively solve the problem that optical fiber cannot enter the home. As long as this kind of equipment is used, home users can also experience the 5G high-speed network and greatly improve the Internet experience. For operators, having such a device can save a lot of deployment costs.

1. Improve rural signal coverage

Fiber-to-the-home is a goal proposed many years ago, but due to various reasons, it has not been launched. Now with brand new CPE equipment, it is much easier to solve such problems. This kind of equipment can enter remote rural areas, no need to troublesomely build base stations to complete signal transmission, and its signal transmission capability is very strong, the distance is also very long, and it can also achieve large-scale transmission in some complex mountainous areas Signal coverage, filling the blank area of the previous network signal.

2. No need to install optical fiber

If traditional 5G signals are used, optical fibers need to be connected between operators and users so that signal transmission can be completed. It is not so troublesome to use industrial 5G CPE, as long as the receiving terminal is installed for the customer. You can understand this device as a large router, which can transmit 5G signals in a wide range. After installing terminal devices at home, users can directly receive these signals, thereby realizing a high-speed optical fiber network.

3. Meet individual needs

Many users now need remote data transmission services. This device can help users better manage network data, and can realize the Internet of Things connection of various devices. Users can manage terminal equipment in a modular manner according to their own needs, which provides great convenience in remote data transmission and various network management.

Building an industrial 5G CPE‍ is a major trend in the future. It not only has the above advantages, but also has a great price advantage. For operators, it can save a lot of deployment costs, and it is more convenient for users to use. Convenience.
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