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Wireless Fixed Telephone Buying Guide

Wireless Fixed Telephone Buying Guide

Jun 18, 2021
More and more consumers abandon fixed phones and use mobile phones to make all calls. However, wireless fixed phones still occupy a place in our homes and workplaces and cannot be completely replaced.

If you need a reliable home or office wireless landline phone, which one best suits your needs? So, let's see what should be considered before buying a cordless phone.

Number of mobile phones

One of the first decisions to be made is how many phones you need. Cordless phones can have up to six handsets, so you can place the phone in more than one room. If you have a big house, it will really come in handy.

Corded or cordless base

You should also consider whether you need a wired dock. Cordless phones need to be powered by AC or battery to work, but if the corded phone remains connected to a traditional landline or you have a spare battery for VoIP service, it can work without power. If your area is prone to power outages, a wired base with backup battery is a good choice.

Other features

Some of the most popular cordless phone features include hands-free calling, caller ID, an LCD screen that displays important information on the handset and/or base, a headset jack that allows you to chat while walking around the room or checking paperwork, and hands-free calls. Two lines support two phone numbers on the same mobile phone. Some phones will emit two different ringtones to let you know which line is ringing. This feature is very convenient if you have a meeting with two callers in a three-way conversation.

wireless fixed phones

This G678 quad-band GSM wireless desk phone is compatible with any GSM SIM card, allowing you to choose the wireless transaction you want, but you have to take into account the usability of a desk phone. The function of this GSM phone is the same as the unlocked phone, instead of the fixed landline transaction of a standard desk phone, allowing you to choose the SIM card transaction you need. This GSM desk wireless phone even allows you to send and receive SMS messages, which means you will not waste anything on any SIM package you purchase.

Key features of G618 wireless desk phone:
+ Dual SIM
+ Realtime signal strength display, real electricity and real capacity display
+ Write, send and receive messages functions
+ Language Chinese English, also can do another language as your requirments
+ Alarm clock function
+ Caller identification display, call recorder, handsfree calls
+ Call timing, call book function
+ Supports USIM/SIM card and fixed station call book backup function
+ Settings network type, phone setup, display settings, call settings
+ Contextual model normal mode, silent mode, outdoor mode
+ Emergency call function attention in case of emergency, you can use this telephone to call
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