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Wireless Router Choosing Guide

Wireless Router Choosing Guide

Apr 20, 2021

One function of the wireless router is to connect different networks, and the other function is to select the route of information transmission. Choosing an unobstructed and fast shortcut can greatly increase the communication speed, reduce the communication load of the network system, and save network system resources.

How to quickly identify a router, here is some quick information about the first two most important functions of a wireless router: wireless range and wireless speed.

Wireless Range

The Wi-Fi range of a router depends on many factors-how many radios and antennas it has, how often it broadcasts, interference-the list is endless. However, what you really need to know is that wireless AC routers provide the best connectivity in the furthest range, by Wireless N routers. If you want to use reliable Wi-Fi throughout the house, stick to AC and stay away from Wireless.

Wireless Speed

Since Wi-Fi routers were first put on the market, wireless speeds have come a long way. Wireless AC routers are 3 times faster than Wireless N routers, and Wireless N routers are 14 times faster than Wireless G routers. If you use real-time applications such as games or streaming videos, wireless AC will provide a better experience than N or G.

So if we are not very familiar with Wifi wireless router, but we must understand these two functions and related information before buying, so as not to make us buy the wrong one.

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