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Hachi Smart Home Shanghai Smart Home Expo seizes the AI ​​+ Habitat track

Hachi Smart Home Shanghai Smart Home Expo seizes the AI ​​+ Habitat track


From September 3 to 5, the 2019 Shanghai International Smart Home Exhibition (SSHT) opened at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. Hachi Smart, a subsidiary of Puppy Robotics, will exhibit at the same time with smart home, indoor/outdoor robots, smart vision, and AIoT product lines, providing a full range of products and solutions for smart communities, and building an "AI + human settlement" model of smart life.

With the rapid development of artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things, big data and cloud platforms, new technologies, new services and market demand have soared, and smart homes have gradually become the new core of people's lives. In order to realize smart life, in addition to the development of smart hardware, market participants and upstream and downstream industries also need to jointly explore a larger territory and present the rationality of the scene application in depth. Hatch Intelligence tries to improve the user's scene experience from "whole house intelligence" to "community intelligence" through products, services and solutions.

Indoor: Immersive experience of smart home

As an innovative brand in the field of smart communities, Hatch Intelligence has long been dissatisfied with "single product intelligence". At this smart home exhibition, it will bring a complete set of interconnected products to present the "AI + Habitat" smart home. Restore the real wisdom space around the user and enhance the intuitiveness of the experience. The latest Belt series scene panels and switch panel families have added the Elegant and Zhizhen series in 2019. In addition to simulating the "whole house smart" installation effect, the smart home exhibition will bring the effects of controlling lights, air conditioning, curtains, etc. , Also provides a series of central control and switch product panel walls to facilitate the exhibitors to get an immersive experience.

The "Zhijing" behind the bathroom mirror and wardrobe fitting mirror provides more applications and services for home users during daily washing and changing clothes. In addition to reminders of weather, traffic, and logistics information, smart health monitoring can also be used to monitor the owner’s weight, body fat percentage and other dimensions. In the future, it can cooperate with catering providers to provide owners with different types of fitness packages and weight loss packages. Meals enhance the owners’ experience of weight loss, fitness and shaping.

As the entry product for smart homes, AIoT has created the domestic first smart non-screen touch projection puppy cube. This product uses a projection method to virtualize a 23-inch screen, and integrates the control methods of the entire smart home product into the interface, making it convenient for users to control the smart home in any room from voice interaction and touch interaction.

Zhang Xueqing, general manager of the Puppy Robot Smart Home and Smart Space Division, introduced that artificial intelligence will eventually help smart homes get rid of the initial tool-level applications, achieve more "understanding users", and more precise operation of "living" scenarios. This requires Multi-dimensional information is linked to open up all aspects of life applications. In addition to products and services, user data mining will be more adequate.

For the application of health data, Hachi Intelligence also provides the indoor health service robot hachi bingo, trying to build family health and elderly health services into a basic package. According to the individual needs of users, hachi bingo is equipped with real-time intelligent remote control and intelligent health and safety technologies to monitor and record the user's body temperature, blood pressure, heart rate, blood oxygen content and other indicators, and realizes the use of face recognition technology for all families Management of member health data. At the same time, hachi bingo can also realize consultation interaction and health consultation through the built-in high-precision camera, and provide a series of basic medical and health services.

Hachi Smart has noticed the segmentation of smart communities in the senior housing real estate market. Many of the humanized functions of Hachi Bingo can be copied to the senior housing real estate to provide personalized health management services. For example, a built-in smart pill box is convenient for reminding the elderly to take medication on time; based on its own smart vision technology, it monitors accidental conditions such as falls, fainting, etc. and alarms for the elderly to quickly launch medical assistance. These functional features will greatly reduce the personnel costs of senior care real estate, and focus its operations on more effective nutrition, nursing, rehabilitation, and entertainment, and improve the happiness of elderly users.

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