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SUNCOMM and Gmobile signed 2020 strategic cooperation agreement

SUNCOMM and Gmobile signed 2020 strategic cooperation agreement


The future is the era of the Internet of Things, and this era of the Internet of Things has begun to come, so many manufacturers have begun to deploy the Internet of Things early, and vivo has recently begun to make efforts in this field by implanting "JOVI Internet of Things" in its system. Make the equipment more convenient and faster to use. What we want to test today is that we can use two jovi IoT products, the smart socket provided by ORVIBO and the Xiaofang smart remote control.

Smart socket out of the box

The packaging of the two products is made of paper boxes, and the mouth of the box has a round seal. Due to its special structure, the smart socket is fixed in the box with a double-layer cardboard.

The smart socket has only one piece of hardware itself and no accessories, so only one manual is found in the box.

The exterior of the socket is made of white flame-retardant plastic, which can withstand a high temperature of 750°C. There is a new national standard five-hole socket on the front. The socket is very close. When in use, only one three-hole and two-hole socket can be used. The jack has a child-proof door and it takes some effort to insert the plug.

There are plugs on the back of the socket, using a three-hole plug with a ground wire. On the side of each plug, there are also engraved "N", "L" and ground wire signs for reminders.

There is a round button on the top of the socket, which is the switch of the socket, but not the power switch. In essence, it should be regarded as a standby switch, because smart products can’t completely cut off the power in the true sense, but can only stand by, because there is only standby mode, APP To wake up remotely. The word "MAX 2500W" on the switch means that it supports appliances with a maximum power of 2500W. If the power exceeds this power, the socket may be damaged.

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